Course Overview

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    • Course Overview

    • Intro to Beyond Ancestral

    • Disclaimers and Copyright

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    Week 1 - Beyond the Biomarkers: What about Wellness?

    • Lesson 1: Beyond the Biomarkers

    • Science Doesn't Have All the Answers!

    • Lesson 2: The Subjective

    • Assignment: What are your subjective markers?

    • Weekly Summary

    • Looking for One-On-One Coaching?

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    Week 2 - What can your diet give you?

    • Lesson 1: What can your diet give you?

    • If Food is Information, What do You Want to Tell Your Body?

    • Optimal Energy Levels

    • Freedom from emotional eating

    • Optimal Absorption

    • Stable blood sugar

    • Freedom from food intolerances

    • Recover Intuitive Eating

    • Lesson 2: The Nutritional Basics

    • Our Core Nutritional Philosophy

    • #1 Eat Real Food

    • #2 Eliminate Trans Fats and "Vegetable" Oils

    • #3 Healthy Fats

    • #4 Focus on high Quality Protein

    • #5 Eliminate Refined Carbohydrates

    • #6 Eat What Makes You Salivate

    • Looking for One-On-One Coaching?

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    Week 3 - Optimize Digestion

    • Lesson 1: Eat the Calm

    • Stress and Digestion

    • Lesson 2: Fasting for Gut Health

    • Fasting Continued

    • Lesson 3: Plants: A Double-Edged Sword in Digestion?

    • Plant Foods Don't Want to Be Eaten!

    • Lesson 4: Foods to Support Digestion

    • Gut Healing Foods

    • Looking for One-On-One Coaching?

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    Week 4 - Metabolic Health

    • Lesson 1: Intro to Metabolic Health

    • What is Metabolic Health?

    • Lesson 2: Metabolic Flexibility

    • Metabolic What?

    • Lesson 3: Becoming Metabolically Flexible

    • The "Big Rocks"

    • The "Small Rocks"

    • Looking for One-On-One Coaching?

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    • Thrive Market

    • Live Damn Well

    • Coaching and Hacienda Del Sol Wellness Retreats

Here's What You'll Get

  • Four weeks of video and text content

  • Scientific papers, links to interviews with experts, and further reading to expand your understanding of the nutrition concepts we put forth in the course

Go Beyond Ancestral

  • Ditch Dietary Dogma

    No one diet is best for everyone. Learning to pay attention to the subjective cues your body gives you in response to foods is crucial in allowing you to reach your health goals.

  • Beyond Ancestral Guidelines

    Rather than a strict diet, our nutritional philosophy serves as a framework for diet, giving you the freedom to choose the foods you know and love, AND can stick to long term.

  • The Importance of Metabolic Health

    Why it matters for weight loss, brain health, cognitive performance, and chronic disease risk, and how to become more metabolically healthy as well as metabolically flexible

  • Gut Health and Digestion

    Like Hippocrates said, "All disease begins in the gut". You'll learn to identify the stressors which aggravate our digestive systems and what research shows about restoring the gut lining as well as targeting the gut microbiome.

Your Coach

Certified PHCI Health Coach

Jorge Roman

Certified Health Coach. Host of the Live Damn Well Podcast. Author of Return to Human


Ana B.

This is one of the best courses i’ve taken on how to have a healthy life. Each lesson is kept to a short time, which is great for my info digestion. Jorge knows what he is talking about and makes it very easy to understand. If you want a new, healthy life style this course is everything you need!

Gayle K.

Jorge was my health coach at Hacienda del Sol. I was lucky enough to have 4 sessions with him during my week stay at the resort. I learned a lot from him. He went the extra mile and did all the research needed to give thoughtful science-based answers to my questions.


Ditch dietary dogma and enjoy food, all while achieving your health goals!